Pylon Lookout

It is kind of troublesome to get to Pylon Lookout, because you can't just take the stairs / elevator from the street just below it. There's two ways to get there: (1) take the Bridge Stair at The Rocks, or (2) take the lift from Circular Quay. (See the exact location in their website). Option 1 is a climb up about two storeys, followed by a short walk to the lookout, while option 2 is a longer walk, uphill, along the expressway. I chose option 2 because I didn't know how high the flight of stairs was at The Rock and I didn't know the walk along the expressway was going to be partially uphill and super windy.

Panoramic view from the Cahill Expressway near Circular Quay.

Panoramic view from the viewing area below Pylon Lookout.

After a long walk on the expressway, we lost the interest to climb the stairs to the Pylon Lookout. I'm satisfied with the view below the lookout. Obviously, we didn't walk back from where we came from, but take the Bridge Stairs to the streets below.

Direction sign at The Rocks showing the way to the Bridge Climb and the Bridge Stairs to the Pylon Lookout.

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