Sydney Fish Market

KB and I started day 3 at the Sydney Fish Market. The bus journey from Swissotel was about 5 to 10 minutes, but it costed AUD 2.30 per adult ticket. Thankfully, this is in our itinerary on a weekend and thus we avoided having to buy pre-paid tickets, which are only accepted on the buses on weekday 7am to 7pm.

True to what my friend had warned me, there's a lot of birds dining with you outdoors!

Prawn sashimi!

Blue swimmer crab

Big salmon slices

Raw oysters in their clams

Lobster platter


I regret big time that we came here after a full breakfast at the hotel. These lobsters look so yummy!

At the Fish Market Light Rail station

From the Fish Market, we traveled to our next destination at Pyrmont Bay on light rail. We spent AUD 4.60 per adult ticket and traveled 3 stations. The payment was the old-fashion way, where there's a bus conductor on board and he will go to each passenger to sell the tickets. Then I thought: we're only traveling 3 stops, if we were to board the last cabin, by the time he reaches us, we would have gotten off the light rail already.

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