Lucerne City

The final part of Day Six was to see the city of Lucerne. From Schiller Hotel, our guide took us on a walk through the iconic Chapel Bridge, across Reuss River.

The day ended with Swiss Folklore Performance and cheese fondue dinner.

Night view of the Chapel Bridge as we walked back to our hotel:

The following day, we visited the Lion Monument, which was dedicated to the Swiss mercenaries killed during the French Revolution in Paris.

Interlaken Town

Little fountain in the middle of a grass patch

View of the mountains

Bee harvesting nectar on a summer afternoon

Probably a touristy thing to ride on the horse carriage around the town

Left to right: Hygrometer, Barometer and Registrir-Barometer

Bern City

We spent our morning in Gruyères and before lunch, the coach dropped us off in Bern.

Looks like many residents commute by bicycles and I noticed that their buses have "CO2 neutral" labels on them. Perhaps, this is why they have such clean air in the city.

Aare River

The trams run along this shopping street

Another section of Aare River

The Parliament Building of Bern

Water fountain in front of the Parliament Building

Houses beside the river

Brown bears in Bären Park, under the bridge and beside the river.

Gruyères Town

After visiting the cheese factory, our Day Six morning continues in the quiet town of Gruyères.

We were almost reaching Château de Gruyères (Gruyères Castle)

The outside area of the castle building

Sculptures outside the castle building

Hardly anyone on the street

La Maison du Gruyère

Day Six started with a visit to a cheese factory in Gruyères.

Steps 1 to 4 of cheese making:

Each pan (the big cylindrical steel) contains 4,800 litres of milk

Cheese maturing in the cellar

Each visitor was given a set of cheese samples for tasting at the end of the tour.