ITE Art Show

Every two year, the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) will put together an art exhibition to showcase the artwork of students and staff from its colleges. This year, it coincides with the National Day Rally, which is also held at ITE Headquarters. It was a proud moment when our Prime Minister highlighted the art piece titled “Aspirations” in his National Day Rally speech.

Drawings of animals in colourful cages.

Balloon sculptures decorated the ferns.

Handmade flowers using recycled plastic bags

This YouTube video shows you how to make these plastic flowers.

We have seen many "Keep Calm and ..." poster. Ever seen one "Now Panic and ..." before?

My department own these photos. Nine of them were selected for this art show, from the photomicrographs we exhibited in College East last year. Photomicrographs are photos taken through a microscope.

Left: Paper lamps shades
Middle: Flowers in glass tubes
Right: Lamp shades made up of hundreds of namecards from ITE staffs.

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