Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is a must-see attraction for me. Before buying the guide tour tickets, I need to decide the exact time that I want to plan this into our itinerary. So, I thought it'll be best to put it as the first place to go for the day. Ideally, I wanted to take the Explorer Bus there, because the stop is just outside the attraction. However, it doesn't take the shortest route there from our hotel. Before arriving at Sydney, we were not aware of the free city shuttle (see route map). But we soon realize their existence and we took the free shuttle bus from the bus stop at Queen Victoria Building, which is just opposite the road from our hotel, and drop off at Circular Quay. Then, we walked along the coast to the Opera House and enjoyed the scenery along the way.

We are almost reaching the iconic building.

View of Sydney Habour Bridge from the Sydney Opera House.

A lot of seagulls waiting for leftover food!

In the guided tour, we learnt about its architectural design and visited some of the theaters and studios. In order to make sure that everyone can hear the guide, we were given headphones. Photography is not allowed inside the theaters and studios.

Our next destination is the Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary. To get there, we have to take a ferry from Circular Quay and the journey offered a great view of Sydney Opera House from the sea.

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