Alive Museum

Here's a glimpse into some of the 3D art pieces in the Alive Museum located in Suntec City Mall. Personally, of the two 3D art museum opened in Singapore, I very much prefer the Trick Eye Museum in Sentosa. At the Alive Museum, the doors to the next section of the gallery are placed right next to some art pieces, which I feel it's kind of dumb and dangerous. Imagine you posing in the art piece and someone suddenly walked through the door!

I wasn't sure how I was suppose to pose at this one.

A cute version of President Obama

Iconic Singapore buildings in the background.

Before I die...

Notice that my photos have bright spots in them? I didn't use flash at all. Those flares are from the ceiling spotlights. Another issue that annoys me very much is the spacing between the art pieces. In some areas, the cameraman will need to position himself/herself inside another art piece in order to capture the entire scene. Unless, you have a super wide-angle lens.