Peebles Island State Park

Here we are at Peebles Island State Park on a nice quiet summer day.

An old factory stands just outside the state park. It used to be Cluett, Peabody & Co., which was a shirt manufacturer in 1910s to early 1970s.

A shady spot to sit by the river.

A trail marking on a tree.

There were plenty of such little red berries growing on the bushes.

Which path should we follow?

The trail leads us along the perimeter of the island, offering views of the buildings across Mohawk River.

A small dam across the Mohawk River.

We were totally disappointed to discover this rapids that is marked as a waterfall in the trail map.

Indian Ladder Farms

Indian Ladder Farms is only about 15 minutes drive from our apartments.

We started our Sunday morning with breakfast at the farm's cafe.

In the corner of the farm's gift shop, there's this bee colony inside a display case.

By chance, while we were roaming around the farm, we noticed these little baby farm animals.

In New York state, June is the best time to pick strawberries and this was the highlight of our trip here. So, we followed the signage to the strawberry field.

Someone must have accidentally dropped the strawberry on his/her way back from the field.

Here we are at the strawberry field!

Strawberry flower (left picture) and a bunch of strawberries (right picture).

Maybe it's a siamese twins strawberry?

The reddest and most delicious looking strawberry that I could find.

Thacher State Park

Today, when went to Thacher State Park for a picnic lunch. The weather was warm and lovely, perfect for a walk along the Indian ladder trail.

The stairway at the beginning for the trail leading to the base of the cliff.

The trail continues along the limestone cliff.

Halfway along the trail, we arrive at the Minelot Fall.

After the staircase leading up the cliff, we are greeted by a panoramic view of Albany.

Schenectady's Rose Garden

The Rose Garden is situated at the north corner of Schenectady's Central Park.

There's a small man-made stone bridge, with a really tiny waterfall (or should I say water feature) at the corner of the garden. I was almost lying on the ground when taking this photo.

A few of such white arch, joined by bushes and benches, form the perimeter of the garden. The rose bushes climb on the sides of the arch and decorate the structure. Names are engraved in the tiles of the pavement that leads into the garden.

Now, in early summer, the bushes in blossom. Although the garden does not occupy a large area, many variety of roses can be found here.

Other plants are also found among the roses. During our visit, we can spot bees harvesting nectar quite frequently.