Sydney Tower Eye

KB's friend recommended that we buy the attraction ticket online before we fly to Sydney, we bought the combo pass for 5 attractions online for AUD 63. If you were to buy the tickets over the counter, the combo would cost AUD 99... buy them individually online would be AUD 170 and buy them individually over the counter would be AUD 189! The combo pass can be bought at any of the 5 attraction's website. Anyway, I chose to buy from Sydney Tower Eye beside it is next to our hotel and I'm pretty sure that we'll go there on our first evening at Sydney.

Greedy me wants to see both the day and night view, so I checked the sunset time and made sure we get there slightly before that time. After the official sunset time, we had to wait for more than 40 minutes for the sky to go totally dark.

Looking east

Looking south

Looking west

Street lights lighted up

Looking north

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