Trick Eye Museum

I went to the Trick Eye Museum with a few of my colleagues this afternoon! We heard about the crazy long queue when it first open, because of the 50% discounted tickets during the opening season. We have missed that discount and picked a weekday afternoon (and took leave) to go.

This is the actual upright view of this art piece. The red "floor" of the painting is actually the wall. One can lie on the floor with the head on the right, legs on the left and the hands stretching up. Take a photo, rotate the photo 90 degrees clockwise and you look as though you are doing a handstand.

Would you like a ride on the Merlion?

Or maybe you'd like to fly around the town on a broom? The broom appears to be floating in mid air, but it is drilled to the wall. I angled this shot to hide the metal support between the broom and the wall.

In January, KB and I went to Korea and visited the Bucket List 3D Art in Jeju. The one that we went to in Jeju has a collection of 2D paintings on walls and floors that look 3-dimensional. However, this collection we visited today has many art pieces that consist of physical objects. These objects are not part of the 2D paintings on the wall; they are actual objects. The art pieces are mostly different in Jeju and in Singapore.

As mentioned by Little Day Out, the art pieces are really close to each other. On top of this, there are so many people in the museum, making it difficult to take photos and people often bump into another each other. Initially, I was thinking of bring along a tripod so that we could take group photo. In the end, I forgot about it this morning. Anyway, it wouldn't be useful... someone might just knocking into it while we are posing for a shot. However, we still manage to take group photos, by asking other visitors or the helpful staffs would volunteer their service when they happen to be nearby. We spent 2 hours in there and had a lot of fun taking photos of different poses with the art pieces. A tip from me: be careful when getting on and off the art pieces, the edges are getting quite rough.

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