Jurong Lake Park

I've been wanting to talk a walk in the Jurong Lake Gardens, especially since the Jurong Lake District transformation had been highlighted in last year's National Day Rally. I wanted to keep a record of the old gardens, but I had been reluctant to go outdoors, because the weather had been really hot and sunny in recent months. Then yesterday, I woke up to a cloudy sky and I finally executed my plan.

I entered Jurong Lake Park from the road junction near the Lakeside MRT and walked southwards.

Designated fishing areas indicated in the map

South Promenade Fishing and Viewing Deck

Floating plants absorb pollutants and help to improve water quality.

South Promenade Stage

"Sharing the joys of nature together, moving ahead with ease and grace."
Calligraphy to commemorate the Rejuvenation of Jurong Lake in 2010.

Lakeside Plaza and Pavilion

Central Plaza

Tree planted by Minister Tharman in 2006

An educational display about the solar system and a sundial by Science Centre Singapore and JTC Corporation.

Somewhere in the middle of the park, there is a big sand playground for children. By now, there are not many of them left in Singapore, as most of the sandpits had been replaced with soft mats to cushion a child's fall.

I grew up climbing this pyramid rope structure at Pasir Ris Park.

The earlier generation of metal playground slides.

The newer generation of plastic playground slides.

Resting area

Residential with a lake view

Water sports equipment for rent at the People's Association Water-Venture.

Map of Jurong Lake Park

Another resting area

Lizards, squirrels, birds and butterflies are commonly seen in the park. It's just not so easy to capture a sharp image of them.

As I walk through the park. I see some workers doing land surveying. So, I guess it is going to be quite soon that the face-lifting of the gardens will be commence.

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