Japanese Garden (星和园)

After Jurong Lake Park and Chinese Garden (裕华园), I continued my walk into Japanese Garden (星和园).

On the bridge linking the Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden

Very faded black-and-white map of Japanese Garden {click for larger image}

Looking north at Chinese Garden from Japanese Garden, parts of the Bonsai Garden (on the left) and the 7-Storey Pagoda (on the right) can be seen.

Guest House

Walking into Stone Lantern Valley

Rokusoan and Naresagi

A stream runs across the Stone Lantern Valley


Rest House

The back of Guest House

Looking east at the Guest House

Waterfall on the far west of Guest House

I've tried taking photos of the squirrels in Jurong Lake Park and Chinese Garden, but they moved away too fast. These squirrels were gathered at the Main Entrance (where the carpark is located), because the security lady there had a box of peanuts, grapes and longan to feed them.

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