Good Morning 'Cher

Good Morning 'Cher exhibition came to Westgate for this weekend. After having our dinner nearby, KB and I walked over to view the displays.

The first thing we did was to take a "report card" from one of the exhibition staffs. In order to get a goodie bag, we walked around the exhibits looking for the answers to the questions and fill up the crossword puzzle.

The first item that caught my attention was this tumbler and tootbrush. They bring back memories of the time when I was in primary school. After recess, my classmates and I would squat along the drain by the side of the canteen and brush our teeth.

Among the old textbook on display, I've only used a few of them. The other are newer version crafted for the generations after my school years.

As a student, we've never played such board games during lessons. Although these were introduced to us during my teacher training in NIE, I've also never used them for my lessons.

Many, many years ago, the mean age of teachers was 16 years old. Now, the youngest beginning teacher would be at least 23 years old, by the time they completed their training.

We didn't get a chance to explore the various multimedia booths because there's consistently many people using them or waiting to use them.

KB and I didn't take too long to complete the crossword puzzle. We couldn't find some of the answers in the exhibition, but we were able to make a smart guess. Then, we handed in our "report card" at a booth in exchange for this commemorative tote bag, a notebook, 2 pencils, a set of erasers and some postcards. The other postcard designs can be collected all over the exhibition.

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