Chinese Garden (裕华园)

After visiting the Jurong Lake Park in the morning, I headed back home for a lunch break. Then, I continued my exploration in Chinese Garden (裕华园).

West Entrance to Chinese Garden (from Jurong Lake Park)

In the past, when I was still a child, this was a popular place during the mid-autumn festival. I vaguely remember that my family came here to admire the colourful lighted lanterns at night many years ago. It was a beautiful place (although it was very crowded too).

Map of Chinese Garden {click for larger image}

White Rainbow Bridge (白虹桥)

It's hard to tell from the picture that these structures along the bridge railings have dragons craved on them.

Entrance to Garden Courtyard

Koi pond in Garden Courtyard

Corridor with wall openings of different shapes in Garden Courtyard

Outside the Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum

In front of the Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum

Chinese words at the corner of Dragon & Phoenix Court

Stone table and tree stump stools

Side-view of White Rainbow Bridge

Can only see one of the Twin Pagodas (春秋阁) from this angle.

阁云披 和 楼月延

Chinese lion door knocker

View of White Rainbow Bridge from the pagoda

View of the residential estates along Boon Lay Way from the pagoda

Stairs in the pagoda

Views of the pagodas from each other's upper floor

Twin Pagodas (春秋阁)


Tea House Pavilion (茶座) is under renovation and 7-Storey Pagoda (入云塔) in the background.

Stone Boat (石舫)

Confucius Statue (孔子像)

Plants in old plastic bottles

Herbs & Spices Garden

Recycling old children's bicycles

Bonsai Garden under renovation

Cross the water on this stone path to get to the 7-Storey Pagoda

7-Storey Pagoda (入云塔)

The underside of the pagoda stairs

Looking down at the 180 steps of stairs from the top floor.

Looking west at Chinese Garden from the top floor {click for larger image}

Entrance to Garden of Abundance (丰园)

Statues of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals (十二生肖) placed all over the garden.

Stone benches with Chinese zodiac animals on the sides

View of Bonsai Garden from Garden of Abundance

Stone Sundial

生肖桥 和 石榴桥

Bridge of Romance

Chinese-style pavilions

Bridge leading to Japanese Garden (星和园)

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