DIY 2R Paper Photo Frame

My Martha Stewart craft punches that I've ordered from Amazon arrived last night! As compared to the local scrap-booking stores, the price is approximately halved when I buy from Amazon (now that there is free shipping for purchases above USD 125). While there are already paper photo frames being sold in stores, I couldn't find the ones for 2R-size photos.

This is how I make my 2R photo frames (6.6cm by 11.5cm):

Using the Marvy Uchida Clever Lever Extra Giga Craft Punch (product code: LVXGCP_64 for the rectangle punch), make a punch off-center, as shown in the picture. I've used a 4 1/2" by 6 1/2" (11.5cm by 16.5cm) paper. The punch out is 4.4cm by 7.6cm.
Using the Martha Stewart Crafts Scoreboard, score two lines at 5/8" and at 3 1/4" as shown in the picture.
Cut off the 1.5cm of excess length.
Fold the paper along the scored lines and stick the corners together as shown in the picture. I've chosen to use the double-sided tape, which is easier and cleaner. Leave one side untaped so that the photo can be slided in through this opening.
I used the Martha Stewart Crafts Trains Edger Punch and made a paper ribbon. After punching along the edge of a paper, cut off at 1.5cm at the base of the punched out trains to form the ribbon.
The paper ribbon has to be longer than the width of the frame, so that the ribbon can be folded to the back of the frame. I used small pieces of double-sided tape to hold the ribbon in place, at the back of the frame. Alternative, uhu glue works too.
Finally, add more embellishment according to your likings. Insert a 2R photo from the opening at the top and it's done!

Here are the other designs that I've done by varying the decorations at the bottom of the frames.

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