Wedding at Burkill Hall

My sister had just held her wedding yesterday at Burkill Hall in the Botanic Gardens. The upper floor of the hall is normally not opened to public, while the ground floor usually exhibits a VIP orchid named after some significant people around the world.

As instructed by my sister, my family arrived early... maybe way too early because the tables and chairs had not been setup yet.

The empty 2nd floor of Burkill Hall

View of the empty garden from the 2nd floor of the hall

The 2nd floor of the hall can accommodate about 9 round tables, while the ground floor can fit in 4. Our lunch was served buffet style.

It was raining the whole morning. Fortunately, the sun came out in the afternoon and the garden solemnization was carried out as planned. It was quite a chore trying to get the guest seated, because no one really want to be baked under the hot sun. Thankfully, the Justice of Peace kept the ceremony short and sweet.

The thing about having such garden weddings, is you got to be prepared to do more planning and DIYs on your own. You've got to book your own food, source for wedding musician(s) and put up your own decorations.

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