Singapore Garden Festival 2014

This year's Singapore Garden Festival (in Gardens by the Bay) is certainly held in a way bigger scale than the one in 2012 (in Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre). The previous one took up two floors of exhibition space, while this year's festival is spread out to three areas: (1) Orchid Extravaganza in Flower Dome, (2) Marketplace at the Supertree Grove and (3) various garden displays at The Meadow. It was quite a bad idea to go to this event on a weekend, because it was super crowded.

The crowd in the Flower Dome queuing to see the orchid displays.

Phalaenopsis orchid (left) and Oncidium orchid (right)

Winter Illusion

Winter Illusion

Watching outdoor performance

Snails made of brown fiber ropes

Sound of the Forest

Garden display with colourful umbrellas

Full Circle?

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