Wat Rong Khun

Wat Rong Khun is also known as the White Temple and it's located in Chiang Rai. We booked a mini van that comes with a driver and a guide, and it takes about 3 hours to get there from Chiang Mai.

Along the route, we stop by a hot spring and had some boiled eggs, which came with a little pack of soy sauce. The hot spring is only this tiny fountain and it's only big enough for boiling eggs.

According to our guide, this temple had been designed by a Thai, who had traveled very widely to other countries. His exposure to outside cultures led him to create this very unique and modern temple. At this moment, the construction of this temple is still going on. And this is perhaps the only temple that you'll find sculptures and paintings of movie and cartoon creatures. Although being a modern temple, as a respect, visitors should still be dressed modestly while inside the temple building.

The White Temple {click for larger image}

At the first section of the entrance bridge of the temple, the sculptures below represent hell. Thus, our guide told us not to stop here but continue to walk quickly across.

Beautiful details of the architecture.

Unfortunately, photography is not allowed inside the temple. Its interior is very different from those traditional ones.

Wishing well

Wishing trees

This golden building within the White Temple premises houses the toilets. There's the squatting type toilet bowls and there's also the western style (sitting type) toilet bowls.

Basins outside the toilet cubicles.

Golden structure beside the golden toilet building.

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