Golden Triangle

After we visited Wat Rong Khun (aka White Temple), our driver took us further north to the Golden Triangle, which is where the borders of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos meet.

This is the jetty and we took one of these boats to the confluence of Ruak River and Mekong River.

The boat also took us to Donsao island of Laos. The quiet market mainly sells a lot of bags and some kind of snake wine. Seriously, I felt that the boat tour was such a waste of time and every time we're on the boat, we worry that the boat might capsize.

We took a photo with this landmark to prove that we had been to this part of the world. After which, we proceed with lunch at a nearby restaurant (alfresco style), which has an amazingly clean toilet.

Then, we visited 212 House of Opium (Museum). Unlike the previous places we visited in the Golden Triangle, this is a much more interesting and educational attraction.

Picture of the confluence of Ruak River and Mekong River.

The museum displayed the different legends, according to the different tribes, about how opium plants come about. The visitors are also taught about opium pods and opium making.

Opium scales and boxes

Metal weights used in the past.

Opium pipe

Water pipes for marihuana and tobacco

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