Chiang Mai Sunday Walking Street

We arrive at the Sunday market in the evening and the stalls were just starting to open. One end of the market is located at Tha Phae Gate and the stalls are setup along Rachadamnoen Road.

Map of Chiang Mai Sunday Walking Street

Hand-drawn map of the Sunday market {click for larger image}

Before we saw the map of the market, we didn't know that the market covers such a big area. So, we wasted too much time at the "outdoor activity area" that is East of Tha Phae Gate.

Local food

Cute elephant patch on children's clothes.

Unique prints on canvas bags.

Local tidbits

Sushi, anyone?

There are plenty of variety of food and the hygiene level took me by a pleasant surprise. The people there are very conscious of protecting their environment, so you might find your food being served in banana leaves (whenever possible). Also, be sure to recycle your bottles and throw away your trash into the proper bins.

Many stall owners had personally handmade their crafts. So while walking down the street, there will be some goods that you will not be able to see again at another stall. These very unique handicrafts certainly make very good gifts or for decorating your house.


Super cute animal steamed buns

I went to Chiang Mai without doing my homework and I thought that whatever I can find here will be the same as those sold in Bangkok street markets. So, I thought that I wouldn't be doing too much shopping and ended up bringing not enough cash to buy all these cute things back home.

This is how crowded the market is.

When you get really exhausted from all the walking, you could get a massage to refresh yourself at one of these cheaper road-side foot massage. However, we chose to go to a massage parlour to get some privacy and cool air-conditioning.

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