Meihua Lake (梅花湖)

KB and I took a train and traveled a long 3-hour journey from Taipei City to Luodong station (罗东站). Along the way, there's nice countryside scenery to enjoy, but I still wish that the train could move faster.

View of the field from the train

Colourful chairs at Luodong train station

A train departing Luodong station

We pre-booked our accommodation in this area at My Dream Castle (芯園 我的夢中城堡). The owner had instructed us, via email, to call her when we arrive at the train station. We did as told and she drove over to the train station to pick us up.

After checking in to our "castle", the owner mentioned that there a lake nearby. She then called for a taxi to bring us there. As this is a rural area, there isn't any other alternate transport. But I must mention that the taxi fare seems more expensive than taking a taxi in Taipei city!

The taxi driver dropped us off at the far end of this row of shop-houses and we walked across the street to Meihua Lake (梅花湖).

There's a grand temple high up in the mountain.

Sunset at the lake

A bridge in the middle of the lake

We walked along the perimeter of the lake

A small temple near the lake

Before heading back to our "castle", we stopped by Bear Cafe 小熊書房 and we had coffee and ice-cream waffles.

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