Danshui (淡水) & Fisherman Wharf (漁人碼頭)

From Taipei City, we took the metro to Danshui station (淡水站), which is also the terminal station. Leading to the jetty, is a long stretch of street selling typical Taiwan snacks and other stuff. To get to Fisherman Wharf (漁人碼頭), we have took a boat at the jetty. The boat wasn't a big one and was quite crowded. Fortunately, we found ourselves a spot that was not too much at the side of the boat, because water was splashing in as the boat travels out into the sea!

The crowded food street at Danshui.

The boat is leaving the jetty and we are on our way to Fisherman Wharf.

View of the city on the boat

Arriving at Fisherman Wharf jetty and greeted by the pale pinkish Lover's Bridge (情人橋) in the background.

Lover's Bridge (情人橋)

View from the Lover's Bridge

It's a pity it was a cold and rainy day when we made our visit. So, we spend most of the time hiding in a cafe: WaterBay (海岸景觀餐廳).

Wide selection of tea and coffee in the menu

My pot of tea that came with a warmer, syrup and some nuts.

Enjoying live music while we sip our tea.

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