The Cu Chi Tunnels

The Cu Chi tunnels were more than 250 km long and three levels deep. They were important for the Viet Cong victory over the Americans during the Vietnam War (1955 to 1975). Today, the remaining tunnels have become a main tourist attraction.

Watching a video on a really small television screen about the tunnels and the war.

One of the traps used against the enemy. When one step on the patch of seemingly harmless patch of grass, the ground swings down and reveal spikes inside the hollow bottom.

Our guide showing us how the soldiers enter the tiny underground tunnel.

Another entrance into the tunnel

Some sections of the tunnels had been widen for visitors to experience moving through the underground passage. Once inside, it is not possible to walk standing up. One would have to remain in the squatting posture and waddle from the entrance to the exit. By the way, there's no light in the tunnel.

Old military tank on display

There are other exhibits that help visitors understand the underground life during the war period. (But my pictures turn out rather ugly because of low light, so I shall not put them up here.) For me, the best part of this attraction was the opportunity to try firing an old rifle.

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