Ho Chi Minh Factory Visits

During the 4-day educational school trip to Ho Chi Minh city, our itinerary included factory visits. The first one we went to was the Saigon Cosmetics Corporation.

Factory workers packing the perfume bottles into boxes.
The beautiful bottles are shaped in the iconic Vietnamese dress costume.

On day two, we visited Li Chuan Food Products, which is a Singapore company operating one of its manufacturing plant in Vietnam. The staff there were very happy to receive us and were more than glad to show us around their production line. Before going into the food processing zone, all of us had to don on rubber boots and hair coverings. Then, we walked through a disinfectant pool of water and washed our hands with soap. As this was my first time seeing operations in a food factory, it was an eye-opener.

At the front gate of Li Chuan office building.

This room is where the workers chop up the raw fishes and thus it has a really awful stench.

Baskets of raw fishes kept under crushed ice

The machine processing fishes into surimi.

A factory worker keeping trays of surimi into low temperature storage.

The visit to Minh Long was planned in the day three itinerary. Over here, we were each given a plain clay bowl, a paint brush and some colourings. However, after decorating our bowls, the bowls have to be glazed at high temperature in a kiln and they wouldn't be ready before our departure. So, we'll need to pay to get our art pieces shipped back to Singapore.

The porcelain shop is filled with many cute tiny cartoon figurines.

Our last factory visit was to Boniva Chocolate on day four.

At the entrance of the chocolate factory

Our guide telling us about chocolates

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