Mekong Delta Tourist Farm

After the visit to Li Chuan Food Products factory, we proceed for lunch on a boat located at a nearby river. Our host at the factory had already fed us quite well with food manufactured right in the factory itself. So, most of us were not hungry at all when we reached this boat restaurant. Instead, many were spending time taking photos.

The boat restaurant

The other boats that we would be boarding for the farm tour after lunch.

Lunch with a river view

Fried fish "caught" in carrot net

Boarding the boat that will take us across the river to the tourist farm.

View of the riverside buildings from the boat.

As we approaches the village, we had to switch from the big boat to the small sampan.

Cruising along the stream into the village

When we landed, we were given some cut fruits and a small glass of honey drink, while we watched the local cultural performance.

A bag of ducks on the road (perhaps a villager had accidentally dropped them along the way).

We were guided further into the village and got on a horse cart.

Coconut candy making tool

The tour ended with a demonstration of the coconut candy making process, at the Que Dua Coconut Candy (in Ben Tre). As we traveled in the boat on the Mekong river, back in the same way we came from, we were each given a coconut drink.

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