Kaohsiung Night Markets

We started with Nanhua Night Market (南華夜市) because it is nearest to our hotel. The stretch of shops along the sheltered road are mostly selling clothes and shoes (which I find are not very fashionable). I thought that I could settle my dinner here, but there was only a few roadside food stalls at the end of the street. As you can see from the photos below, there wasn't any crowd at all and the road was shared between the pedestrian and the motorcycles.

Food stalls at one end of Nanhua Night Market

In no time, we were out of there and we headed for Liuhe Night Market (六合夜市), which was a lot more interesting for me because there were more food varieties. There were also more visitors here at Liuhe than Nanhua, but the crowd certainly cannot compare with the amount of humans in Taipei night markets.

Different flavours of milk candies

Barbecued over charcoal

Pick your fresh seafood and proceed to the dining area behind

Fresh squid (on the left) vs fried squid (on the right)

Another seafood stall

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