Kaohsiung Lotus Pond (蓮池潭)

After unpacking and a brief rest at our hotel, we head out to the Lotus Pond. Armed with the camera and umbrella (because it had been drizzling since the moment we arrived), we took the metro from Formosa Boulevard station to Zuoying station.

Dome of Light at Formosa Boulevard metro station

When we reached Zuoying station, we were quite lost as there wasn't any signage or information directing us to Lotus Pond. So we had to approach the very busy customer service counter. We followed his instruction and found the bus stop.

The route of Red 51 bus that would take us to Lotus Pond from Zuoying station

The Dragon and Tiger Pagodas (龍虎塔)

It is said that for good luck, you should enter the pagoda through the dragon mouth and exit through the tiger mouth.

Paintings in the pagoda

Sculptures of legendary characters along the walls of the dragon and tiger walkway

Spring and Autumn Pavilions (春秋閣)

Entrance to the pavilions via the dragon mouth

Wuli Pavilion (五里亭) located behind Spring and Autumn Pavilions

The rain was getting heavier and the place was crowded with tourist, we decided to end our exploration at this point, although we have only visited a small section of the Lotus Pond.

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