Batam Cable-Ski Park

After KB and I were back from Maldives, I had another trip lined up in the following weekend. This time, I'm going for a short getaway to Batam with my three girlfriends. One of them is super resourceful and planned the entire trip for us.

So, here we are at Harbourfront Ferry Terminal, boarding the boat on a hazy Saturday morning. When we reach Batam, we disembarked at Waterfront City Terminal. As we were going through the custom as a group (with the other people going for cable ski), our passports were collected. This felt really insecure for us, as we would definitely prefer to have our passports kept by ourselves while in a foreign country. Then, we boarded the bus that would take us to Batam Cable-Ski Park (BCP).

The ride on the chartered bus was a short one. It was about 11 am (Batam time) when we arrived at the ski park. Batam (GMT+7) is 1 hour behind Singapore (GMT+8). Each group of guests were allocated their own sitting area. One of the staff, Brown, was entertaining us and looking out of us, knowing that it was our first time there. Before we can go down to the water, all the first timers had to be briefed on the technicals know-hows and safety of cable skiing.

A super big trampoline

The queue for the cable ski

Throughout the whole time we were there, their sound system was blasting techno music. The place was pretty much filled with youngsters, who are way too happening and are perhaps drinking a little too much. They're not really my kind of crowd.

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