Barelang Seafood Restaurant

We spent almost an entire day at Batam Cable-Ski Park and I think I am going to get major muscle-ache the next day. As the park is about to close for the day, a cab was called in for us and we were off to our dinner venue.

My friend requested the driver to bring us to see the Barelang Bridge. As we were approaching, there were food stalls on the roadside.

Perhaps it was the weekend, groups of locals were gathering along the sides of the bridge.

View from the bridge

The Barelang Seafood Restaurant was near the bridge and we got there in no time.

At the end of the restaurant, there's a little kelong rearing sea life, such as fishes and shellfish.

Crabs in the water

Clams in the basket

View of the restaurant and the Barelang Bridge from the kelong.

Our dinner that came with a bucket of rice and costed us about SGD 50 in total for four girls.

Apparently, this Teh Botol is popular here. It actually sweetened jasmine green tea.

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