Sentosa Merlion

Here on Sentosa Island, this is one of the five official Merlion statues in Singapore. It is the tallest and the only one with viewing decks.

After the ticket gantry, we walk through a path decorated with an under-the-sea theme. At the end of it, we arrive at a lift lobby with mini golden Merlions. We insert the gift card (which was issued during the ticket purchase) into one of the Merlions and it will "spits" out a golden souvenir coin. Then, we take the lift up to the top.

The Mouth Viewing Deck is only a small viewing area, where only a few people can enjoy the outside view at any one time. The Prosperity Bell is located in this area too.

The Head Viewing Deck is right on top of the Merlion statue and we can see 360 degrees view of Sentosa Island.

The cute Merlion mascots key-chain selling in the store on the first floor.

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