DreamWorks Animation

The DreamWorks Animation Exhibition had just started at the ArtScience Museum.

There are three sections in this exhibition:
Section 1 - Character

Models of the characters in various animations.

Models of Shrek and Donkey.

While most of the character models are displayed in the center of the room, the walls are filled with framed sketched of some cartoon characters.

Animation of the sketching of the characters projected onto the screens.

Section 2 - Story

The illustration of the storyboard creation is animated on these white papers, by a projector mounted on the ceiling, facing downwards to the table.

Section 3 - World

Pick a spot among the bean bags and enjoy a short animation clip that takes us on the back of Toothless (from How to Train Your Dragon) shown on a super wide screen.

Berk Island model in How to Train Your Dragon.

Far Far Away model in Shrek.

Screenshots from How to Train Your Dragon.

The music scores for various animation movies.

There are several computer stations at different locations of the exhibition for interactive learning about the technology used in creating the animations. Also, there are two stations for making simple crafts.

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