Yongpyong Ski Resort

On day 2 of our South Korea tour, we arrive at the Yongpyong Ski Resort and we checked into a room at Greenpia Condominium for the night.

Lobby at Greenpia Condominium

There's only one bedroom and it is not furnished with any bed, but with mattress that we can spread out on the floor.

View of the mountains from our room.

Before heading to this ski resort, we stopped by a house for lunch and to rent our ski wears. We changed into them in our hotel room and walk over to the Dragon Plaza to collect the ski gears.

KB isn't keen to ski, while I've already skied before some years back. However, our tour guide suggested that we still change into the attire to take some photos, since the rentals have already been paid for. So, that's what we did.

After returning our ski gears, we wandered around and found ourselves a dinner place.

The next morning, we opt to take the cable car up to Dragon Peak.

It's very foggy all the way up to the mountain top.

As the cable car travels to a higher altitude, there's not much to see, except snow and trees.

Here we are at the Dragon Peak.

It's foggy, windy and the temperature is negative 7 degrees Celsius... too uncomfortable for KB to stay outdoors for too long.

On the upper level, there's the restaurant that a scene in Winter Sonata television drama series was filmed in.

It seems like the restaurant isn't opened in the morning and the staff didn't stop us from hanging around to take photos.

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