Resom Spa Castle

Our first night in Korea was spent at Resom Spa Castle. Our room was in the Theme Block, while the spa facilities are in the basement of the Spa Block. Thus, we had to wear our winter coats and walk over to the next block to enjoy the spa. At the ladies locker, the locals just get undressed (or dressed) right in front of their lockers, while other ladies just walk around naked. There's a small pool at the end of the locker room for ladies who want to stay naked. Lucky for me, there's a few cubicles in the toilet and I changed into my swimwear there. Then, I'm ready to plunge into the hot spring water in the big common pool. It was the best spa ever.

One of the two rooms is furnished with two single beds.

The other room is of a tatami style.

The bathroom seems kind of small as compared to the other parts of the room.

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