Appenzell Town

I just came back from a family trip to the beautiful Switzerland (plus a little bit of Italy)! We joined the Cosmos tour, where we travelled with English-speaking tourists from all over the world. Day One was actually just free-and-easy at Zurich, after the tour guide picked us from the airport and checked us into the hotel (Novotel Zurich City West).

Day Two started with breakfast at the hotel. When checking out, we only need to leave our luggage outside our rooms, then they will be carried and loaded on the bus. And it's the same when we check in to the next hotel... we do not need to carry our own luggage from the coach, they will be delivered to our rooms shortly after we settle into our rooms. I wonder if this is the practice for Switzerland tours generally or it is Cosmos that provide such good service.

Our very first stop was at Appenzell Town - a quiet little old town.

The town has interesting shop signages...

...and a pretty cemetery:

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