US Election 2016

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Yesterday, the social media was flooded with posts about the US Election - posts reporting on the vote counting progress, posts reporting the final result and posts about the analysis of the result. Many expressed that they cannot believe the jaw-dropping outcome. Yap, me too. I hardly see any positive comments, except for those that try to make sense of all this by suggesting that the angry working class had voted in hope for a change.

For months, the media featured the outrageous things that he said during his campaigns and portrayed him as a lunatic. I still think he is crazy to be so extreme and demeaning in his speeches. And I don't like the way he said Singapore (and some other countries) are stealing their jobs. Come on, we are all trying to survive as a Nation and it is seriously not very nice to label others as "thieves"!

In the early part of the vote counting, he was already in the lead. Even before the winner was confirm, Canada’s immigration website crashed. It was later suggested that it could purely be coincidental, but well... we'll never know. And now, California wants to leave the US (#Calexit) and they could potentially become the world's sixth-largest economy.

Although his victory caught everyone by surprise, there are people who think that he would actually win this election. One of them is Hollywood director Michael Moore who listed 5 reasons for his prediction in July.

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Now that he is the US president, let's take a look at his to-do list by BBC and by Straits Times, compiled based on his campaign speeches. There seems to be a depression forecast of what is to come in the next 4 years. Looks like this super-power is not going to care about the well-being of the rest of the world. So really, what exactly is the change that the Americans are expecting?

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I must say that I am extremely glad that I am not doing my internship in US in this era. The situation now is just way too unpredictable.

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