The Pokémon Madness

On 06 August 2016, I woke up to WhatsApp messages from a few groups of friends about the release of Pokémon GO in Singapore. We can finally play the game here! Even though, the world is already familiar with reports about crazy things that people did while playing the game, the majority still looking forward to the availability of this game in the region they live in.

KB and I wasted no time and downloaded the game immediately, while having our breakfast. After catching our first Pokémon on our dining table, we waited eagerly for the next one to appear. It was only later in the day then we realise that there is a way to catch Pikachu as the first Pokémon!

We are lucky enough to be able to reach a PokéStop without leaving our house. Even our workplaces are planted with several PokéStop and Gyms.

Some of the first few Pokémon I catch at my desk

Over the second weekend since the launch of the game, we decided to drop-by at the famous 401 Hougang Avenue 10. Indeed, the playground in the center of HDB blocks has been conquered by Pokémon trainers, even on a hot (fortunately cloudy) afternoon. In just that few minutes there, KB and I caught quite a number of Magikarp, although still not enough to collect that 400 candies required for the evolution into the very-much-sought-after Gyarados.

At the playground of 401 Hougang Avenue 10

After Hougang, we went over to ION Orchard, where KB's friends were "hunting" at, because the mall management had announced that they are releasing lures. Well, I didn't manage to add any new Pokémon to my Pokédex.

After 7 days, I accumulated plenty of Pokémon and candies to do many evolves. As evolving Pokémon gives the most XP (500 XP per evolve), I opt to activate my Lucky Egg and use the 30 minutes to do as many evolves as I can. The result: I managed to evolve 54 Pokémon, out of which 13 new ones are registered to my Pokédex. Each new Pokémon gives another 500 XP. The math: (500 XP * 54 evolves + 500 XP * 13 new Pokémon) * 2 = 67,000 XP. Tip from me: I kept quite a number of Caterpie, Weedle, Pidgey and Rattata to evolve because they appear everywhere and only required small amount of candies.

The most exciting evolution at this point in my game is the evolving of cute Eevee. I reserved the highest CP Eevee for Vaporeon as it is deemed as the most powerful of the three. Although I've read about IV (individual values), it is way too complicated for me, so I'm sticking to just keeping the one with the highest CP. IV basically suggest that highest CP does not mean that it is the best Pokémon for battle (comparing between the same type of Pokémon).

Rename to "Rainer" to get Vaporeon

Rename to "Pyro" to get Flareon

Rename to "Sparky" to get Jolteon

KB and I also visited Chinese Garden to try to catch some rare Pokémon. We expected that there will be people there, but didn't think that it was be so crowded that even the road-side parking will be full.

Plenty of lures in Chinese Garden

Towards the end, I got quite bored of catching the same Pokémon, I started taking photos of them instead. Still no luck for me.

And for the record, I have yet to catch any Pikachu.

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