Quilling Workshop

The first time I encountered paper quilling was through a post on Facebook that introduced Sabeena's paperart on Instagram. It seems like quilling art had been around for a very long time, and it's gaining popularity in recent years.

My first quilling workshop (beginner class) was taught by Priyanka. All these materials were provided and the tools (slotted tool and circle stencil) have to be returned at the end of the lesson.

These quilling papers were provided.

First, tear the long strip of paper into half. Then, use the slotted tool to roll the paper. Place the rolled paper into the circle stencil to achieve the correct diameter, so that all the flower petals will be of a consistent size. Finally, glue the end of the paper strip and pinch it to get a teardrop shape.

Assemble six petals and we get a flower.

My quilling photo frame (which took me almost 2 hours to make)

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