Goodwood Park Hotel

Goodwood Park Hotel has existed and stood in the same location in Singapore for a long time. I've been there many times for their good food at the Coffee Lounge for Asian buffet and L’Espresso for English high tea, but this is my first stay here. Although the hotel has a long history, the facilities remained mostly well-maintained.

The room is so cold that there's condensation on the glass sliding doors.

The balcony doesn't look alluring enough to make me want to hang around there. In fact, KB was hurrying me to close the door before insects come flying into the room.

The bathroom comes with a very sophisticated-looking weighing scale.

No toothbrush and toothpaste found inside the toiletries box... which is rather unusual for a local hotel.

The pantry is well-equipped and there's even TWG tea (not in the photo).

When we're done exploring the room, it's time for an evening swim. This pool is located in a more private space surrounded by the guest rooms. And there's another pool that is just outside the L’Espresso cafe and it can be seen from the reception area.

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