Singapore Philatelic Museum

KB and I had no plans for today and decided to have an impromptu visit to the Singapore Philatelic Museum in the afternoon.

Printing error on a US stamp.

First day of issue stamps of The Simpsons in Los Angeles on 7 May 2009

Pillar box donated by Hong Kong after the handover of Hong Kong to China in 1997.

Singapore stamp collection since our independence.

Stamps in one of the pullouts.

Room of Rarities

Stamp booklet vending machine that is no longer in use.

During Singapore's colonial days, lamp posting boxes were used in areas with low mail volume.

Miniaturized models of post boxes used in different countries in different eras.

Other than exhibits related to stamps, there are other exhibits that reflected Singapore's history.

Heritage Room

Test yourself and see if you know the ingredients in our local dishes.

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