Jurong Eco-Garden

The newly opened Jurong Eco-Garden was featured in the news last week and in the papers again today. It's not difficult for us to find the place, since KB and I are familiar with NTU. CleanTech Park is located just before NTU if you enter from Nanyang Avenue. Immediately after turning into Clean Tech View, CleanTech One is the building on the right and CleanTech Two is on the left.

The maps are not quite up to date because this place still very new.

One of the information boards shows the key features of the eco-garden.

To the west of CleanTech One, follow the pathway to the Summit Lookout.

Here's the view from the lookout.

In the foreground is the bicycle shelter and the yellow-green building in the background is CleanTech One.

The entrance to Thow Kwang Industry is near Ficus Lookout. Although public parking is available in this area, the number of lots are quite limited.

There are signs to alert visitors of photogenic spots and one of them is between the Ficus Lookout and the Fitness Corner. At this spot, the blocks of HDB flats are captured in the background, while the Green Roof Toilet (white building) can be seen on the right of the pond.

This area is on the right of the toilet. Shortly after I took this picture, a photographer and his model were at the bottom of the steps, near the pond, for photo-shoot.

Not only is the Swamp Pavilion a shelter and resting area, it is also a bridge to cross the elongated swamp (which looks more like a pond to me).

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