Raffles Marina Country Club

Raffles Marina Country Club is tucked in the corner of the island. If you missed the exit on AYE that leads to the country club, you would end up at Tuas Checkpoint.

The room looks decent enough, except for the stale smell in the air, even though the club did try to improve this by putting in an air freshener.

The bathroom looks like it has been newly renovated and looks more modern than the bedroom.

The "balcony" or roof garden space is shared by the adjacent rooms, so there's not much of privacy hanging out here.

The rooms are on the third floor with the little balconies. These rooms does not have access to the shared roof garden.

Our complimentary breakfast is served at the Bistro, where most of the tables are al fresco dining.

There isn't much diners in the morning and we get to sit at the table with the marina view. Fortunately, it was cloudy and we could enjoy this rare scenery in Singapore. I doubt that we would still be sitting here if it was a hot sunny day, with hot breeze blowing into our faces.

Since the breakfast is part of the room package, we could only order selected items in the menu.

After our breakfast, we took a slow stroll around the marina. The walk ends at the lighthouse and I was really excited to discover that there is still a lighthouse in Singapore. (In fact, a Google search shows that there are some others offshore too.) In the background on the right of the lighthouse is the Tuas causeway to Malaysia.

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