Singapore History Gallery

As of 18 May 2013, all national museums and heritage institutions will be offering free entry to Singaporeans and permanent residents (see ST news and CNA news). Although it's free admission to the exhibitions at the National Museum of Singapore, we still have to show our IC and exchange for a ticket at the ticketing counter.

Dome-shaped roof at the center of the museum.

The museum is housed in a preserved heritage building.

There happened to be the Trading Stories: Conversations with Six Pioneering Tradesmen exhibition going on. It's a small exhibition about the different trades during Singapore's early years. There's a station illustrating the steps for folding the Samsui Woman's red headscarf.

To enter the Singapore History Gallery, we took the escalators to level 2. At the entrance, a museum staff hands out a tablet with earphones for visual and audio elaborations about the exhibits.

Singapore Stone

A reenactment of the life in Singapore long time ago.

World War II era

A rice consumer's purchasing card during the Japanese Occupation.

Japanese Occupation artifacts

The Mace of the City of Singapore

Items in a kampong house

Modern day household items in the 20th century.

Our national anthem - Majulah Singapura composed in 1958 by Zubir Said.

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