Taipei CityInn Hotel I

CityInn Hotel is one of those budget hotel chains in Taipei City. CityInn Hotel Taipei Station Branch I is located in the busy part of town, relatively near to Taipei station, where there are metro, railway and high speed rail.

After we checked into our room, I was glad to walk into a clean and well-maintained room. Although we got a room with windows, I imagine it wouldn't make much difference if we had decided on a non-window room. There's absolutely nothing to see outside the window, except for a very narrow space between buildings and a very dirty wall of the opposite building. Moreover, the room is air-conditioned and the windows are shut, so ventilation is not at all an issue here. The walls are not sound-proof and KB could hear our next door neighbour late at night. Well, we can't expect too much in a budget hotel, right?

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