Mint Museum of Toys

It wasn't very easy to locate the Mint Museum of Toys because it doesn't seem to have any signage on the building, which is in the midst of a row of shophouses. Fortunately, with the invention of Google Maps app on our phones, KB and I eventually found it. This is a place where many vintage toys are collected and displayed. It's like a walk down memory lane, seeing all the toys that we used to play with when we were still kids.

In each floor of the museum, the toys of the same theme are housed in enclosed shelves like these. The backlight made it difficult to take photo of the toys. The objects tend to turn out too dark in the photo.

These vintage toy cars are valued at a few thousand dollars each.

European plastic dolls

Snake and Ladder board game that I grew up with.

Figurines depicting ancient China

KB's favourite cartoon character Mickey Mouse.

Donald Duck

Mickey Mouse clocks and watches

Betty Boop

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


Popeye the Sailor Man

Different variations of robot toys

Star Wars characters

Astro Boy

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