Universal Studio Singapore

On my first visit to USS, we only had several hours in the afternoon to enjoy the park. Recently, a friend wanted very much to come here, so we planned a full day trip. By now, all the rides are open and I'm glad we sat on most of them... some even more than once. Our day of fun concluded with the Lake Hollywood Spectacular fireworks at 9pm.

Fountain at the lake

View of the Far Far Away castle from across the lake

TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle was newly open, so we went there first.  This is definitely my favourite ride in USS.

Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs. CYLON in the Sci-Fi City

Watching people screaming their heads off

We put on our raincoat and we're ready for the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure!

If you don't wish to buy a raincoat, you can choose to dry yourself at the drying pods.

Bumped into the Penguins from Madagascar movie

Here at the WaterWorld show, we sat at the back to avoid getting wet. If you're seated in the first few rows, they will make sure some of you get soaked even before the show starts.

The show venue has a really large seating capacity.

Part of the water show

Standing around, waiting for the Hollywood Dreams Parade to start.

The parade is starting.

Madagascar characters

Shrek characters

Famous Hollywood stars

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