Boston Whale Watching

We're back in Boston for the second time this year! Our objective for this trip is whale-watching, which can only be done during summer because it'll be too cold to sail out to the open sea in the other seasons. We boarded Boston Harbor Cruise at Long Wharf and off we go to the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary.

As we depart from the wharf, most visitors are standing eagerly by the sides of the boat with their cameras on standby.

However, it takes some time to travel out into the open sea, where we can no longer see any land at all. The first whale is only sighted one hour after our departure.

The moment the guide announces that the whale is on the left of the boat, everyone rushes to the left, causing the boat to rock from side to side. Soon, we realize that we can just park ourselves at either sides, when other whales start emerging out of the water.

Whales are differentiated one from another by the marking on the underside of their tail. All of them in this marine sanctuary has a name. I was disappointed that we didn't see any whale jumping out of the water, like the photo on the poster at the ticket counter.

A seal came to say "hello" too!

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