Boston Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail guided tour starts at Boston Common, which is a public park founded in 1634. We bought the tickets at the Visitor Information Centre located in the park, then wait for tour to begin.

The guides are dressed in historical attire of the olden English days to suit the journey down the historical path.

The first stop of the trail is at the Massachusetts State House, which is on the opposite side of the road from Boston Common. We only viewed the building from across the road and didn't go any nearer.

Our guide recounting the history in front of the Robert Gould Shaw and 54th Massachusetts Regiment Memorial.

In this trail, we stop by two burial sites: the Granary Burying Ground and the King’s Chapel Burying Ground. Famous Boston people are buried here including Paul Revere.

The preserved Old City Hall now stands in the land that was formerly used for the Boston Latin School (America's first public school).

The First Public School Site was commemorated with a plague on the pavement outside the Old City Hall building.

The Old State House was where all the political activities happened back in the colonial days.

(Photo taken from Wikimedia Commons)

The last stop of the 90 minute tour is at Faneuil Hall, which is still a busy marketplace today. The entire tour is conducted outdoor. Although it's already early Spring, the chilling Boston winds froze my fingers numb by the end of the trail.

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